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Anne Gell
Acting Dean of Wells Cathedral
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Anne Gell, Acting Dean of Wells Cathedral (credit Kate Pearce)

Anne Gell, Acting Dean of Wells Cathedral thanked all the people involved in the Wells and Transatlantic Slavery Project, for helping us to understand the reality of transatlantic slavery, and how its legacy is woven into the fabric of our life here in Wells. She referred to the statement from the Chapter of Wells Cathedral: ‘The research clearly indicates that Wells Cathedral has benefited from slavery-derived wealth from both the slave trade and the enslavement of people in the Caribbean. Chapter is profoundly sorry for the effects of these historic failings and aims to scrutinise and respond to any financial, social, spiritual and other legacies from this time in order that it may do better in the present. Chapter will also look to work with individuals and organisations in the Caribbean, so that these histories may be meaningfully addressed from both sides of the Atlantic.’


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